Shakedown Cruise – Getting Ready

Getting ready to go takes a lot of time! You longtime bussers and RVers know this and are laughing your asses off, but this is all new to us. How many trips to Wal Mart? How much food to buy? What will we need? How much is too much? Will we have what we need? How do we know?

Oh. I guess that’s what a shakedown cruise is all about…

Main thing is: Bring plenty of liquor… And money.

Here are some photos of what the bus looks like before geting ready to go. We took out an old funky chair, cleaned the bejesus out of it (still needs more) and put some of our patio chairs in it to make it feel like home. Plus they are super comfortable…

Bedroom ready to go

See more bus photos here.

Carmella is the curious, busy kitty. She has been all over the bus, The other two – we call them Spy vs. Spy because one is black and the other white (MAD magazine circa 1960s) are a little more hesitant. Tikita, the white one, has been in the bus and checked it out; but Astrid, the black one, is in denial. She has been in the bus, like, one time. After that she basically became like “Oh yeah, I see that 40 ft. monster out in the driveway, but I refuse to acknowledge it in any way.”

Basement cat, ceiling cat.

Should be interesting getting her on board…


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