Day One – Shakedown Cruise: Geneseo, Illinois

Heading for Lansing, Michigan. Not being early risers, we finally pulled out in The Mighty Bus at about 10:30 AM; pretty good for us.

Uneventful trip. We had planned to stop in Davenport, Iowa, but since we don’t drive at night due to undependable healights (more on that later) we kept on to a truck stop in Geneseo, Illinois.

This turned out to be a great urban boondocking spot. We pulled behind an abandoned hotel next to a small truck stop and set up camp. Of course, only one person pulled in beside us, a truck transport. Why is it when they have a whole entire (like three acre) lot, they have to pull in right next to you and then leave their engine running all night long?

Just like if the restaurant is empty the waitress will seat a party right next to you? Do they think we don’t have enough social life? Or what?

Anyway, turned out to be a great spot and we had a good dinner of ahi tuna and broccoli, followed by Jim’s favorite breakfast of fake eggs, waffles, peanut butter and coffee in the morning. I like grapefruit and coffee. Thank goodness he was able to fix the generator before we left.


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