Downtime and Repair Days 7-10

After the Oldsmobile Show in Lansing, we headed for Union City, Michigan for some much needed R and R at Turtle Lake Resort. This is a place Jim found on the internet and it has been a great spot to relax, recharge, ride bikes, and fix the bus.

The only problem was that after running the generator for so many nights, we finally plugged into shore power and got nothing. Well, we were able to run the power through the invertor, but full power not available like it should be.

I guess this is the whole idea of a shakedown cruise.

People here are so nice and helpful. this is a trait we have experienced over and over in the old car hobby and seems to reflect into the beginning of our bus adventures too.

When we arrived, we thought we would be able to have full power, but the “professionals” who converted the bus didn’t exactly follow things through they way they needed to. We were able to run off the invertor, but full 30 amp power was not available.

People at the resort were so helpful! Mark and Dan spent several hours working with Jim and running through some pretty complcated electrical stuff to try to help us get full power. They never did get it figured out on the first try, but we had plenty of power to cook, light, etc.

More stuff to figure out. Even when I heard the electrical expert troubleshoot the problem, and Jim’s responses, I still had total confidence that Jim had done his homework and would proceed thoughtfully and with due diligence.

That night they didn’t get it figured out, but the next day, while I cruised into Union City on my bike, JIM FIXED IT. We now have full power on shore power and another notch on the belt is achieved.

Tomorrow we leave for Dearborn and the National Meet of the Falcon Club of America. We are looking forward to seeing lots of old friends. We will be parked in the trailer lot again and on generator power, so hopefully that will all work out.

Stay tuned.

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