Days 11-13: FCA Convention

We headed for Dearborn and the Falcon Club of America’s 31st annual convention, this year celebrating 50 years of Ford Falcons and literally held in Ford’s back yard. So a very busy time indeed for me.

I would be lying if I said this was a live update, but I have kept the timing in order, basically so I can try to remember for myself.

The Convention was great. After getting a most excellent spot right in back of the show field to park the bus, we settled in and visited with lots of old friends who stopped by the bus. The photo is Dick Harrington’s newly restored Ranchero. Dick wrote a year+ long series of articles for the magazine which were well received.

That night went smoothly and we ate at Big Fish, close enough to ride our bikes back to the bus, even if we did have a cocktail. DUH! It was pricey, but my Absolut martini was good. It was a relaxing way to start a busy convention. In case I haven’t mentioned, I am the Editor of The National Falcon News, the monthly magazine of the FCA. I might have said something about that in the very first post.

That night went uneventfully. In the morning, about 8:00 AM, there was a knock on the door of the bus. The hosting chapter informed us that motorhomes couldn’t be parked anywhere except the trailer lot. We arranged that originally, but tried to wangle a more visible and accessible spot. It didn’t work, we had to move. We actually found a great spot in the lot, close and accessible and marred only by the noise – or should I say ROAR of the entire 16 story hotel ventilation system.

However, that was compensated for by being able to glom onto someone’s nearby nice and strong wireless. So we had web access, and that was nice for just checking email, since I understand that  it’s not nice to exceed someone’s bandwidth clandestinely.

Here is a link to a set of photos  from the convention on my Flickr site, in case you’re interested in old cars. Well, relatively old…

The bus performed great during this downtime, and on the way into Detroit too, through lots of road construction and rain. It just keeps rolling down the road. We fired up the generator and cooked several nights. I am liking the simple quick, fast clean-up food thing.

The rest of the convention went great and someone even got a halfway decent photo of us at the banquet.  I posted it on the ABOUT page.


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