Day 14: Williamsburg, Iowa

We actually got a pretty early start, for us and rolled out of Dearborn about 8:30 AM. We knew we had to be home by Monday because we both had to work on Tuesday. Oh yeah, I had already been working…

The bus just rolled down the highway, hours and hours at a time. We have encountered all kinds of weather on this maiden voyage, from very hard rain, to super humid high heat to cool nights perfect for sleeping. Jim had done a rubber band repair job on the passenger side windshield wiper and it was holding. We did have to replace the rubber band though. Wiper bladed and assemblies, and maybe even electric wipers on the “TO DO” list.

Of course, it rained on us novices driving through Chicago on I-80. Jim did awesome, thanks to our driving instructor and friend for life, Ted Boothroyd. Ted recently published a book called The Gentlemen’s Game of Pink Ball Golf.  Check out the website to order the book and learn more. I designed the book and we became friends before the bus thing even came up, all long distance.

Another separate post coming sometime about how we got hooked up with Ted, and his lovely wife, Ramona regarding buses in the first place. It must have been meant to be. Right now, I’m just trying to remember this trip for myself so we don’t lose track of what the heck we did anyway. Old people should all be required to blog so they can remember for themselves what they did/are doing. It doesn’t matter if nobody else reads it.

We found a small lot truck stop in Williamsburg, Iowa. Right off the highway and very quiet all night long. Those smaller lots seem to attrack fewer overnight trucks with engines running than the large or medium ones. At least our experience so far, which is like zero, I know.

We backed it up so we had a nice meadow on one side.

That night, we had cut up chicken breasts sauteed in a sauce made from leftover taco stand visit and couscous. We cooked, ate, watched the truckers switch trailers, and everything all cleaned up in the time it would have taken us to walk over to the probably freezing restaurant, order, get our water and drinks and maybe order. Except, we ate breakfast there the next morning and I seriously doubt that they have drinks.

Another reason to eat in the bus.

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