Texas Bus Roundup 2010 Style

We’re back fronm our second annual Texas Bus Roundup, which was held in Durant, Oklahoma. Go figure. It was very close to Texas though. And it was totally cool that it was the weekend of the Texas-OU game, a huge rivalry. And it was a good opportunity for HDR photos. Like this one of the casino.

We went last year while we were still trying to decide what we were doing in the bus department and get a hands on feel. Hosted by Paul and Becky Lawry, it had outgrown the state park in Texas and was held at the Choctaw Resort and Casino in their RV park. Paul hosts the event yearly and maintains the TBR website. It was a great location; very clean and well kept with an amazing clubhouse with laundry, showers, huge kitchen and hall, pool, the whole deal.

This was the first year we have a bus so that was fun to see how it worked from that side. Much better than a motel and pickup truck. We slept late, cooked breakfast, had some amazing pot luck, including Cajun gumbo and stew.Toured lots of buses and saw some real works of art, both finished and in progress.

We met up with folks we had seen at other bus rallies and met lots of nice new people. One thing about bus people, they really have to like each other. We went to classic car shows for years where sometimes both of the couple was not entirely on board with the old car thing. “There’s no air conditioning. It’s hot.” With a bus, you both have to be fully invested for it to work. We like meeting those kind of people.

We also all got free tickets to see a show at the casino, the country singer Don Williams. He was an old coot but his voice was so smooth and rich. Fine time.

See photos here, and plan to attend next year. It’s going to be in the same place.

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