Mighty Bus Goes to Bed for the Winter

We had been keeping the bus in our driveway so Jim could work on things and he has fixed a lot of things already. As you can see above, it takes up some space! With winter coming, sometime, I assume, we figured we better find a place to put it. Jim didn’t want to have to winterize all the systems, so we are storing it in the “caves” which are underground, with consistent temperature and humidity.

We topped it off (to the tune of $200!) to keep condensation from forming in the tank.

Jim did a great job maneuvering the bus into the caves, some places were very tight!

That way, in case we decide to attend the final Arcadia Bussin’ 2011 rally in Florida, we can just get it and go. One reason I would like to go to Arcadia is to meet Vivian McGraw, a remarkable 86 year old woman I just wrote an article on for Bus Conversion Magazine. She is 86 years young, has a million miles as a bus driver, and wanted to get a bus to travel in, alone, before she got too old.

If you don’t get BCM, sign up now so you don’t miss the profile on this amazing woman. And lots of other good stuff.

And girls, you can drive that bus! Vivian even said she would teach you! And if she doesn’t, Captain Ted can!


One comment on “Mighty Bus Goes to Bed for the Winter

  1. I met Vivian at the 1st annual NEGTG (north east get to gether) This past summer. What a pisser she is! Dont forget her dog!

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