Help! Design, Colors, Painters!

OK, guys. We have been trying to come up with a design and/colors to paint The Mighty Bus. We all agree that the brown or copper or gold or whatever it’s supposed to be is really not working. But, we knew that from the first minute we even saw photos of it. Even the guy we bought it from said he hated the color as soon as he started to spray it. It has not been clearcoated so cannot be used as a base. Thank the Lord for that because it is butt ugly.

We have a friend who painted Jim’s classic cars, and he gave us a bid but hasn’t been able to come up with any design assistance. And the price was kind of steep, we thought. But of course, we don’t really know what it should cost. Also, it doeesn’t have the stainless so the entire bus will have to be painted, adding to the cost, we expect.

After looking at some websites, we decided that even though I am a designer, we need professional assistance. I don’t want it to look like a kindergartener painted it!

My initial suggestion was to get a graffiti artist to paint it, but Jim didn’t like that idea. Besides, we’d have to make sure it didn’t have a bunch of gang secret signals on it. Great for passing through the urban core…

Here are some very rough designs we came up with. I think now the basic color palette will be base some lighter silver. We want it to reflect, not absorb heat. We like the Willow Frost color that Jim’s Falcon was (see above link) but the paint itself is too expensive to use as the base. So maybe as an accent. Plus maybe a small accent of some kind of red color? Obviously we want to keep the number of colors down due to cost. But the roof will be white, so I guess that counts as a color too?

So, the palette…

Here are some professional designs we like, just not in the colors here. Click photo for larger view.
Except I do really like this one, colors and all:

Some others:
Below are some of the designs we came up with:


So you can see why we need help! Also, any websites of painters or experiences you have had will be most welcome.

Who painted your bus? How long did it take? Are you happy? How much can we expect to pay? Any ideas welcome!



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