Wherein I Sell My Car and then Un-Sell It…

I decided to sell my car, a 1962 Ford Falcon that I have driven for ten years. When I got it it had 35,000 miles on it, now it has 74,000. Oh, and it got a new engine and transmission in 2007. This is part of why I was selling it; the transmission took forever to shift and it requires a delicate touch required to shift and not have it die on take-off. A great hyper-miler car, I almost never have to apply the brakes or stop if I time the traffic signals right.

So I put it in the Falcon Club magazine and then listed it on Craigslist. My Craigslist mailbox almost exploded! Like three people were interested in it right away. Crap. I must not have been asking enough money!

So after yoga on Tuesday, a guy came out to look at it and ended up offering me full price. He put $500 down and we made arrangements for him to pick it up on Monday. Well, that was easy enough. That was also where he made his fatal mistake by not taking the car right then.

I had my eye on a 1968 in New Mexico that would have cost me about $500 more plus travel to go see it, drive it home, etc.

In the several days between Tuesday and Friday, I started thinking. We’re probably going to be out of our house in about a year and a half or so. Why should I take on a new car with unknown problems for a car that I am thoroughly acquainted with and know well? Did it make sense to go through all that expense? Yesterday I came to the conclusion that it didn’t.

I called the buyer this morning and he was very understanding. He even gave me a tip on what might be the slight problem with the transmission, a bad modulator control valve, a simple fix he said. I bought him a year’s membership in the Falcon Club of America for being so understanding and told him that if he still needed a car when I was ready to sell I would make him a very good deal.

Happy New Year. If you see my Falcon, it’s still me driving it!

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