We’re Committed Now!

I should have known better when we said we wanted a “finished” bus. During the winter, Jim’s list of things that need to be done just got longer and longer. When we first looked at the bus, the tile in the kitchen was OK with me. It led the eye nicely through the space and was somewhat of a clean and simple design. They put tile in the stairway too though and a couple of those are broken; nice going, guys. And they are slippery there too.

We liked the wood laminate flooring too; we have it in our kitchen and it wears like iron. Only problem, once you start taking a closer look at the craftsmanship of the installation, a remodel seems more in order.

Here’s a closer look at why we’re tearing up the tile and laying new laminate throughout. The crappy carpet in the bedroom and slide is going too. It’s going to be laminate throughout.

Several places had missing pieces like this.

This is the nice finished trim under the vanity. Nice trim around the vent too, huh?

Grout and seams leave something to be desired…

Where the tile, oak and laminate meet up. Not Jim’s style at all.

Pretty cool that by the time I even got these photos posted, like a half hour after I took them; he already has all the tile torn up. WOO HOO!

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