Once Jim got the floor all torn out, he turned his attention to the bedroom. Several tasks there:

1. INSULATE for engine noise and heat!
2. Maximize closet space behind bed.
3. Outlets and lighting for above and beside bed.
4. Maximize closets and finish back of closet walls.

He got everything torn out and ordered this ceramic insulating paint to paint the metal, bedframe and floor with. Then he applied 2″ insulation to the metal back parts.

BEFORE: Bare metal, no insulation on floor or backing.

DURING: Ceramic paint applied to all surfaces

DURING: 2″ foam insulation applied

Our neighbor across the street is a retired engineer and he and Jim figured out a great way to make the closet space behind the bed work. Basically, they built a box and set and fastened it into place. Jim will be adding shelves and paint tomorrow, after the electrical wiring is done for 12 volt and 120 volt lighting and outlets. Stay tuned!


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