There’s Always an Odd Job or Two

Jim found the trim he needed to finish the floor in the slide, but we are getting ready to take the bus for some work while we go to Mexico, so today he cleaned it up and did some odd jobs. The new closet is secure so nothing will move around while we drive. He also changed the way the AguaHot register was done by the geniuses in Las Vegas who shall remain namelss for now  the original builders’ agent who was supposed to finish some work after we bought the bus. The only problem was that when they built the box for the register, they made it so the couch no longer fit on that side of the bus; it had to be in the slide.

Now that the couch will fit, we’re not sure we like it. I think we’ll end up with something smaller. Anyway, he re-mounted the heater and the box and they take up a lot less valuable floor space now.

The floor is looking good too.

Carmella matches the floor nicely.


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