Floor, Steps and Finish

Work on the floor got suspended while the step material was installed and we had a big party. We celebrated Jim’s retirement, his birthday, our 20th anniversary and One Year of Bus. All were May 28, except our anniversary which was last October 14.

Jim had planned on installing the rubber stair tread (like in car dealerships) himself. When he went to pick up the material, they began telling him all these things to look out for, mix epoxy carefully and all at once, along with lots of precautionary measures about getting it on the material, etc. At the end of that, he decided to hire the pros to install. Excellent decision. They guy spent ALL DAY here and it all came out nicely. Best $140 ever spent!

This is the best “Before” photo I have of the steps. The tile was poorly laid and several pieces were broken. We’re not big fans of the “gold” trim and that will all go away eventually. It was also slippery when wet. Nice in the entryway, which is tricky enough to navigate anyway.



During and after

Trimmed out areas:

He is putting the bullnose and finishing it up today (hopefully!) More photos soon.


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