We’re Doing Something!

That’s what we say to each other when we go out to eat or for some activity.

This time, it’s in the bus to West Virginia for NAOC Nationals.

Jim has gotten a lot done since March when we brought it home. And we were in Mexico for two weeks when he couldn’t didn’t work on it.

1. Replace floor
2. Replace bathroom lights
3. Replace vent fan in shower
4. Fix Aqua Hot vent on floor
5. Re-mounted outdoor shower
6. Replace faucets in bathroom, kitchen and shower
7. Installed reading lights in bedroom
8. Build closet in bedroom
9. Insulate bedroom under bed and behind closet
10. New mirror in bedroom and kitchen
11. New chairs for eating area, only $20 each at local hardware store, which he visits several times a day
12. Steps and driver’s area flooring installed
13. Installed Jake brake
14. Rewired electrical outlets
15. Probably a bunch of mechanical stuff that I don’t even know about…

He is changing the oil today.

Some pics:

The new chairs… We had been looking at some that were $145 each and wouldn’t be ready for six weeks. Score!

Driver’s compartment. Jim calls it the cockpit. LOL!

Driver floor area and pedals

Steps and entry way took much longer than expected…normal for a bus, right?

We are looking forward to a few days off and driving it and living in it. See you in West Virginia!

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