Mike Izzo: Bus Guru and Advisor

Mike Izzo and Jim
We are just back from West Virginia where we attended the NAOC National Meet at Oglebay Resort. We had been told by the meet organizer that we would be “no problem” with the bus. After we got there and had been parked for three days, he told us that what he meant was that we could bring the bus, but we couldn’t stay in it… WTF?

Why would we bring it if we couldn’t stay in it? DUH! Anyway, despite that wrinkle, the bus part of the trip all went great. The new insulation in the bedroom greatly reduced the heat and engine noise and made it comfortable to lay on the bed while the bus was rolling. The bus ran strong with no complaints, up hills, through rain, road construction and rush hour traffic. YAY Bus!

But I digress. One of the highlights of the weekend was when Jim’s longtime bus guru and friend, Mike Izzo, paid a visit to check out the bus. Mike and Jim first met at the 2009 Arizona NAOC meet during a garage tour which included an old MCI. There they found out that they were both “bus nuts,” Mike already having a bus, an MCI, and Jim in pursuit of one.

During the following months, Mike and Jim were in constant email contact, with Jim sending Mike photos and specs of busses we were checking out to buy. His advice and knowledge really came in handy and helped us make an informed decision. We did end up with a good bus, so we are very thankful to have been able to consult with such a knowledgeable and nice guy.

The tour to the bus included his cousin, a diesel mechanic. BONUS! He scoured the engine and all over the bus and gave Jim lots of good information. Thanks, Paul! Jim made sure to put Paul’s phone number in his phone in case he has questions in the future. Poor Paul; he doesn’t know how many questions Jim can ask, but Mike does!

We truly hope that Mike can make it to the Texas Bus Roundup this year where we will have more time to socialize, talk busses and get to know each other in person. He is a very thoughtful and informed person, just the kind of guy you want on your team.

Thanks Mike, for all you’ve done!

Oh, and the mug shots were HIS idea.


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