All American Fried Fat Sandwich Holiday Recipe

In the interest of the American way of life, I would like to offer my latest guaranteed metabolism boosting, weight loss sandwich: The All American Fried Fat Sandwich. We know we love the crunchy bits of fat from your steak or chops and always secretly eat them even though we know we’re not supposed to.  Why not have a sandwich devoted to these delicious bits? This masterpiece is the culmination of all things American.






Let’s get started, shall we?

The Cast of Characters

We are using the fat trimmed from two Kansas City Strip steaks.
Set fat aside, discard steaks.

Secret Sauce. Sodium based, nitrate laced, genuine taste. You can’t beat it.
Used on sandwich: 2 T. 60 calories, 3 grams of fat, 1480 mg sodium. Yum!

Use either Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. I don’t like either one of them, so I don’t care much about this part. But it’s un-American not to have mayo.
Used on sandwich: 6 T. 540 calories, 60 grams of fat, 30 mg chl., 540 mg sodium. Good stuff!

Yes, two different kinds of salt. The more sodium, the better your insides will be preserved.
Used on sandwich: 1/2 t each. Lawry’s: 760 mg sodium, Kosher: 960 mg sodium. Total sodium: 1720 mg. Tasty!

Wonder Bread, Breakfast of Champions. No, wait, that’s beer…
Used on sandwich: 2 fried slices. 500 calories, 10 gr fat, 500 mg sodium.
Unfried bread: 260 calories, 3 gr fat, 400 mg sodium. Still…

Notice that the highly processed cheese is DELUXE.
Used on sandwich: 4 slices. 210 calories, 60 chl, 24 grams fat, 1280 mg sodium. Delicious!

What’s a Fried Fat Sandwich without bacon?
Used on sandwich: 6 slices. 720 calories, 54 grams fat, 90 chl, 2100 mg sodium.

And finally, the option of gravy. What’s not to like?
Used on sandwich: 12 t. 120 calories, 3 gr fat, 2100 mg sodium.

Enough of that healthy crap. Let’s make a sandwich!
Fry up some bacon.

Some people use paper towels to drain the bacon but we’re white trash so we use the newspaper. And we like the fat too.

Get the gravy going.

Heat up the bacon fat and when it are bubblin’ good, add the fat pieces, now warmed to room temperature, softly glistening and oozing triglycerides.
While the fat is frying, prepare the bread.

Original All American Fried Fat Sandwich.
The bread is not fried or toasted, just smothered with mayonnaise and Secret Sauce.

The soft white bread soaks up the nitrate laced Secret Sauce. Sublime!

This is where the cheesy goodness starts to happen. Did you know that you can eat the cheese, complete with plastic wrapper? You can never have too much plastic in your system! We unwrapped ours. Your choice!

Add a slice of cheese to each bread and distribute the fried fat on one side, bacon on the other. There was just enough fat for one sandwich, good thing we bought two steaks!

We’re piling it on now! Um, um good!

A portrait of All American Deliciousness

If you want to go further, you can add the gravy. This could also be served “Open Face.” I used to love open face sandwiches when I was a kid. No surprises there. And, you guys, Gravy!

Delicious, salty gravy…

If you’re a real fan of fried food, this All American Fried Fat Sandwich can be taken to the next level with the simple addition of Fried Bread. First, fry up some Wonder Bread in the pan you cooked the bacon and fried fat in.  What the hell? The kitchen is already a greasy, salty mess by this time. End pieces work nicely for this.

Assemble sandwich with fried bread, all other ingredients remaining the same, although you may feel the need to add extra cheese or bacon at this point. Go for it! Drizzle some gravy over the top and serve with a side of bacon.

The stats:
Total calories: 2650
Fat grams: 184
Cholesterol: 280 mg
Sodium: 9820 mg

Happy Fourth of July. Eat, drink and be merry and think of me on the way to the emergency room when you’re having a heart attack. Kidding!

Seriously, we eat these all the time! Enjoy!

One comment on “All American Fried Fat Sandwich Holiday Recipe

  1. this looks very good will try this with alot of bacon and cheese, and all the calories and salt will even worry about , Looks like the sandwitches. that elvis use to eat.. etc.. Didn;t kill him either. Had a great forth and will be in touch.. Love , Halga

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