Refrigerator Vented and Sheathed…Check!

It’s a good thing Jim has retired because now he has a new full-time job; working on the bus. He is making lots of good progress.

After we got back from West Virginia, he moved the refrigerator out to finish up some stuff in that area. Like, cut a hole for a vent in the bus (!) and line the compartment with sheet metal. The refrigerator works on propane sometimes, so he needs to be able to have access to the control panel and if anything ever did happen, then hopefully it would be contained in that area by the sheet metal. Naturally, the geniuses who built the bus omitted this step.

First he cut the hole from the inside to see if any bracing was in the way. Of course it was.

Then he cut the hole on the outside.

Sheet metal in place along with vent.

Refrigerator back in place, all vented and sheathed.

Now on to the dashboard!


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