I Have to Train Jim to Use the Camera

Work is progressing on the bus. The main recent setback was that the friend who was going to paint the dah for us is just too busy these days to do it. Jim wants to get it put back together sooner rather than later, so he took it today to the guy who painted his Falcon and it will be done next week.

Another setback came when he was supposed to pick up the newly etched plastic panels for all the toggle switches on the driver’s side. The girl who was doing them apparently left the company. It was an Award/Trophy type place so he should be able to find somebody else to do that.

While he’s waiting to finish the dash, he went through the spare tire compartment in the front of the bus and neatly arranged all the hosing and pumps for the hydraulic levelers. Now we actually have room for a spare tire if we ever decide to get one. Which we probably will. I should have gotten Before and After photos of that little project. Jim is too focused on the task at hand to remember to even take the camera out to the bus. At least he always takes his big water bottle!

He also hid a bunch of wires that were sticking out the panel behind the driver and in the cabinets above the windshield. The builders had just run the hosing willy nilly through the three cabinets, leaving little room for storage and a bunch of poorly applied foam insulation in their wake. Jim stuffed all that behind the back panels of the babinets so now they can be finished out and actually used. Should have gotten pictures of that too. 

I think I will just go through and take a picture of EVERYTHING because he will be going through it all.

Will try to do better.


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