Expanded Driveway? Check!

Our driveway expansion project is complete. In fact, we have been driving on it for a week.

From this to this:

Naturally, although we hadn’t had rain forEVER, right after they dug the hole, it rained two nights in a row, like three and a half inches. We needed it badly. Our next door neighbor, who is an awesome neighbor and friend, has been redoing his driveway in sections, himself. Jackhammering it out, hauling it off, doing the rebar and the pour along with his partner and our across the street neighbor. The across the street neighbor has been helping the next door neighbor finish the concrete for each of the sections he has poured. The next door neighbor is a contractor and has helped us with lots of projects. Anyway, we just had them do our little corner and time it up with the next time he called the truck for his pour.

That morning the truck arrived and they did our little sliver first. They wheelbarrowed it in and got it spread before the first raindrops hit. They finished and broomed it before the rain started up pretty good. They had a tarp and we elevated it above the piece.

Meanwhile, at the next door neighbor’s his very much larger pour was happening and they were scurrying to get it spread and covered before the rain hit. And, oh man, did it hit! Jim and I stood in the garage while lightning struck all around. We could track the storm by the lightning strikes, which seemed like just one house over and were very noisy and close.

Not to mention the many yards of concrete that were at stake next door. It poured down rain for quite a while while everybody stood around in the garage waiting for it to stop, hoping they could salvage the job. If not, that meant not only paying for the truck, but jackhammering it all out again and doing the whole thing over. Expense aside, as the next door neighbor, I wasn’t crazy about listening to all the jackhammering again…

The rain stopped just in time, and as it does here in Kansas, it didn’t just let up and keep drizzliing. It. Stopped. Completely. They uncovered that driveway and got real busy finishing before it started to set up. Next door neighbor said later that if it hadn’t stopped when it did, it would have been too late. Whew!

So a successful day all around. Of course, our new little section is the very best part of our driveway. the rest is a mess. Here’s the progress.


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