Getting Closer…

The dash project seems (to me) to be coming along really quickly now. Trading off with installing the new driver’s side air, because things have to be done in a certain order, it will probably be a week or so till completion. Won’t that be nice? Not only will it look so much better, Things. Will. Actually. Work! Some pics:

The new toggle panel. One of the amazing things is how many different vendors and suppliers you need to complete one project. Some people are probably thinking, “DUH!” I guess that’s why they have Project Management. Anyway, he got the plastic parts cleaned up and repainted them, then got new letters etched into the correct spots. Some were a little bit off before and I can just see them saying – Oh well, we were close!

The new telltale light panel. All cleaned up and new lettering.

Vinyl and newly cut gauge panel (is that what it’s called?) ready to glue the vinyl on.

Making sure covered panel fits into dash slot. If you’ve ever done a project like this, you know how many times you go back to the garage to cut a little bit more off or grind off just a hair more.. We had the dash itself in and out of there like 20 or 30 times before it all fit right. Well, Jim did. I just helped carry it in and out.

Ready to cut the holes out.

Gauges set into dash panel. This part of the bus is going to be a LOT better!

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