Bus Kitty in the Making

Tikita is a funny cat. She really is. We even have a little song that we sing about her; it starts out “Tikita, Tikita, she’s a funny cat.” Well, you get the idea. “She’s a funny kitty cat.”

She and Carmella both spend lots of time in the bus. Carmella just likes to hang out with Jim, but Tikita is all business. We started giving her Pounce in the bus to get her used to going in and out and now she is in there so much, we have accidentally left her in there at night. She thinks it’s a place to get Pounce. Period. She has even been in there getting Pounced when we started the engine. She didn’t bat an eye, she just wanted her treat.

One evening last week, we came out and found her on top of the bus. She is not real athletic and there are no close trees that she could climb up and get on top from. She is not much of a climber anyway. However she got up there, she had to be rescued from the top of the bus.

I think she will be just fine when it comes time to go full time. As long as we have plenty of Pounce.


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