First Year+ of Dirt Going Away

We bought  the Mighty Bus a little over a year ago (well, almost a year and a half ago). We’ve driven it over 5000 miles, maybe more. Jim has done a ton of work on the inside and outside, most of it chronicled here. He has rewired and fixed the invertor, fixed the generator and put an inside start switch in, gone through all the electrical wiring, re-wired, (had) repainted and re-built the dash, replaced all the flooring, insulated the bedroom, built a closet, added under counter lighting and new fixtures, lights and faucets, new windshield wiper motors and washer fluid hook-up, fixed the slide, and added mirrors to the kitchen and bath.

No, we still don’t have a design, but we are getting closer. Think Primer Suede Neopolitan… The rest goes into The Diesel Fund. But, cleaning it up is the first step to painting, right?
Today for the very first time, it is getting washed. Yes, it’s still ugly brown, but at least it will be clean!

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