Our First State Park Camping – Check!

Last week we rolled out in the bus to the famous RV graveyard in Carthage, Missouri. We had been there before we even bought a bus and that is what made us decide we wanted a bus, not an RV. This time, we were shopping for ladders and awnings. And we scored both!

We didn’t really have any idea where we would stay but found Prairie State Park and had the entire park and campground to ourselves. We squeezed it between some trees and even had room to deploy the slide. A fine afternoon and evening.

We have pretty much decided that we are not going to paint the bus. We will do the top white because it wasn’t done right (surprise!) but decided that the $13,000 or so that a paint job would cost will buy A LOT of diesel. Part of that thinking is that we really don’t want the bus to look that great from the outside. We own land in Mexico and plan to take the bus down there and it seems like the big ugly brown bus will be much more anonymous than a nice shiny bright paint job. Our first state park camping helped convince us of this, as the bus is always getting sideswiped by growth and branches close to the road, and even when we back it into our driveway. I can just see out new paint job being scratched up and being plenty pissed about it. The plan now is to make the inside as comfortable and functional as possible and let the outside go.

To that end, we were totally freed up as far as awnings go. In an afternoon at Colaw’s RV, we found two ladders that will work and three window awnings (one is an extra), an eleven foot side awning and a 20′ patio awning! SCORE! The window awnings are reddish color, the patio and side awning are grey. We are going back next week to have them installed.

We’re excited, because I had heard how expensive awnings were and figured that would be an “in the future” item.

We are thinking of naming the bus Miss Match.

Here are a few photos of some of the wrecks in their yard. YIKES! Get a bus, not an RV!

3 comments on “Our First State Park Camping – Check!

  1. So Right lots of other things going on , and so glad you get to do this traveling , Don;t take anything for granted now , So take care anf have a great time Love To both , Halga , nice pictures and blogs , Got another mum , Can I phant it in the back yard now. ??

  2. Good plan on the paint job. as long as she is presentable and not a “partridge family” you will not attract attention and be treated more like regular folks, not like rich people lol. You guys going to Arcadia? dave and Dori

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