Anonymous Awnings-Some!

We have awnings! Who would have thought we would have them so soon? At the first Texas Bus Roundup we went to in 2009, before we even had a bus, Ron and Sharon had just gotten awnings for their Flxible and they were like thousands of dollars. I just figured that would be way down on the list for us. Once we actually had a bus, that is.

Then when we got the Mighty Bus, it was so ugly that we figured we would have to have a paint job. Trying to decide on designs, not to mention finding and paying a good painter became obstacles. Our friend Chris, who painted Jim’s Studebaker, came up with a very good price, but his “design helper” was an old school muralist who never came up with anything.

In the meantime, we started working on the systems and the inside and we just got used to the bus the way it was. Once we dreamed up The Diesel Fund, we quickly calculated that a paint job would buy an awfully lot of diesel. Plus, the paint is all chipping off and geting scraped by tree branches and such on a regular basis. On a brand new paint job, that would be tough to take.

Once we decided to remain anonymous, we were freed up on the awnings issue. We had a trip planned to Colaw RV in Carthage, MO to scope out a few items, and while relaxing with a cocktail the evening before we set off, we decided to add awnings to the list. We wsndered around the yard and quickly found a couple of window awnings that were in great shape for the bedroom windows. Then we found a window awning for the slide windows. Last we scored a brand new 20 foot patio awning for the passenger side of the bus.

The window awnings are reddish, the slide awning is grey and the patio awning is tan. We went back down to carthage last weekend to have them all installed at Consignment RV, right across the street and run by Cowlaw’s owner’s son. We got there after lunch on Thursday and they got going right away. Rick was very competent and did a great job on all of them. He even fixed the awning right over the slide so it actually slopes now and the water runs off instead of collecting on the slide. They didn’t quite get done, so we stayed in their yard overnight and they finished up the next morning. We have had only good experiences with both these vendors. Thanks guys!

One affirmation we received regarding the “anonymous” factor in not painting the bus was when Rick, the installer, came in the bus because they had to adjust the slide to work on it. He looked around and really seemed surprised that the inside was nice looking, not surprising having seen the outside. It seems to be working!

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