Turkey Brine Time!

Almost time to start shopping for Thanksgiving. Here is a great recipe for turkey brining that I have tweaked over the years until it is super fabulous. Enjoy!

Combine in large pot on stove:

1 head garlic, cloves separated and crushed
2 cups Kosher salt
2+ cups brown sugar
10 grams (one small container) Thyme
5 grams Rosemary
6 Bay leaves, crushed
Zest, pulp and juice of one orange
Cut the orange into pieces and add to mixture
8 Allspice berries, crushed
8 Juniper berries, crushed
8 Cloves, crushed
2 T. black peppercorns, crushed
1 cup fresh orange juice

Mix well.
Add 3/4 gallon of water, bring to boil.

To a clean, 5 gallon bucket, add 2+ gallons water
Add heated mixture to 5 gallon bucket, stir well.

Rinse the turkey (16.5 lb) and remove the neck and bags of organs.
Immerse turkey into bucket, making sure all cavities fill with brine mixture.

Place bucket in garage or other cold area.

I usually brine for 24 hours. Last year I got an early start and am brining for about 48 hours for extra delicious flavor . It did not disappoint. The meat is extra tender and juicy and bursting with flavor.

One year when I made the turkey for Jim’s family Christmas, one of my sister-in-laws commented, “Are you sure this is turkey? It tastes like roast beef or something, it is so good!”

Nuff said. Try it.


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