Aquahot Overhaul

Jim started in on the Aquahot. It was functional, but wasn’t hooked up correctly. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Anyway, he used the opportunity to replumb and rework all the hoses, route and compact them nicely instead of being like Medusa hair in the bay. He also finalized the whole thermostat/ductwork/cold air return system dividing the bus into zones, each with its own temperature control. 

Then he cut cold air return vents and found material to cover them and complete the heating system. Thermostats are installed in the bedroom, bathroom and salon, or whatever you call the rest of the bus. He tested it and it got quite comfy in there.


Bay cleaned out ready for dedicated diesel tank in front of Aquahot. That’s next.

Hoses bundled and compacted. No before photo

Extra added benefit of the heating upgrade was the leveling of this floor in the bathroom cabinet.
Not painted/finished yet, but it’s level.

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