Year of the Dragon

I know about the Chinese New Year and that 2012 is The Year of the Dragon. When I read the personal attributes of people born in that year, I thought to myself, “Oh, those are all good things.”

Healthy, free spirited, positive, self-assured, noble, intellectual, passionate, ambitious, enthusiastic, dramatic, generous, lucky. Of course they do mention that some of these qualities can make Dragons seem like an enormous pain in the ass. Until you come to know and love them, naturally.

The Dragon is regarded in Chinese culture as a divine beast that delivers good fortune — quite the opposite of the Western image of a malicious monster. People born in the Year of the Dragon are therefore widely honored and respected. Dragons are the free spirits of the Chinese Zodiac; they eschew conformity, rules and regulations. In order for the Dragon to live up to his or her potential, freedom from restriction is essential.

The other day when I walked into my mom’s assisted living facility, they were having Year of the Dragon Happy Hour and the Recreation Director asked if I would tell what year I was born in. I said Sure and told her and she said, “We have a Dragon!”

So it turns out that both Jim and I were born in the year of the Dragon, that it is a very lucky year and the color is Gold. I think some kind of gold is what they were shooting for when they painted our bus the godawful color it is. So that got me thinking about a wrap or some kind of graphic to break up the solid expanse of “Gold.” What better than a Dragon?

Anybody know a good wrap vendor? I was thinking about getting a local automotive shop painting class to do it for us. Wonder how long that would take; we don’t want it disabled for an entire semester?  Maybe we can have a bus painting party. No drinking till we’re done. 


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