Bay Door Seals, Bay Lighting Almost Finished

Jim has installed weatherproof seals on each of the bay doors. We figure it will help with noise reduction and vibration while going down the road. Not to mention that they will be totally weatherproof.

Now he is working on installing lighting in all the bays, the same lighting strips that he used underneath the cabinets in the kitchen. He also installed motion sensoe lights in the closet so when you open the door, the light comes on. Clever, no?

It’s a good thing it has been a mild winter so far, he has been able to work on the bus practically every day. On the colder days, the woodstove in his garage kept everything cozy. Kind of wierd not having much winter, but perfect for the decision not to put the bus in storage this winter. When would we have gotten all these projects done? Now we are anxious to un-winterize it and get rolling. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Here he is working away.

One comment on “Bay Door Seals, Bay Lighting Almost Finished

  1. Somehow I have had a problem sending a message…3rd try…I suppose you have to be 10 percent smarter than the product you’re working with…..I’m sorry to hear about your mother, Wendy…She appeared to be a very vibrant and adventures person…I would have enjoyed meeting her and listening to the many stories she must have had…..glad to see you guys are close to completing the “Bus”, and can start seeing this great Country….I’ve got the “itch” and plan on going to Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, close to Lawton, Ok…..some time the middle of next month..suppose to have numerous hiking trails…..heehaw…. catch you later…Horst

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