Before and After

Hopefully it wasn’t necessary to label that…

Not exactly bus related, but isn’t everything these days? So, in the spirit of Getting. Rid. Of. Stuff. I cleaned out what we call the Girl’s Garage this weekend. Jim actually cleaned out his shop too before he was onto other things coming here soon. So we can remember ourselves.

I also made a good discovery about Craigslist. For free stuff, I just post the address, no email, no “save for me,” just come and get it. And here’s the important part: Take It All.

I had four lots, garden stuff, flower vases, cookie tins and coolers. Posted each separately and said had to take it all. The first person who came must have thought I meant everything on the curb, so she took it all! It was awesome! I helped her load her car.

More Before and Afters coming, these of the bus. Jim has been a busy bus man.

One comment on “Before and After

  1. My speakers work , wow great , Mom always did like elephants, So cute She is cuter then opal winfrey , Ha ha ,,, He here in St. LOUIS PROMOTING CAUSE FOR THE SHOOTING , , No anwer yet for the shooting alot of talk thought,, Cute , right on,

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