Shelves and More Shelves

Jim and his brother had built new cabinets, but Jim went on a woodworking spree and made lots of shelves, in the bus and in the bays.

In the newly built overhead cabinets.

And, not shelf but cabinet related: He wired a receptacle in one of the overhead cabinets.

And this is major, the pantry. These adjustable shelves slide out when needed and lock into place when not. The taller area on the right is a broom/vacuum/jacket closet. When we bought the bus, this closet had a Splendide washer in it, which we sold. This is much better!

In the kitchen, across from the sink. We used to keep the coffeepot in here, but now we don’t even need to do that since Jim installed an undercabinet coffeemaker and toaster oven. More space.

And the toaster oven was stored under the sink:

Lights that come on in the bedroom closet when the door opens.

And more shelves in the lower half.

And certainly not least, a shelf in the biggest bay. It goes back to the tunnel and will be great for our chairs, awning, stuff like that.

More bus yoga required on this job. Good thing he goes to “real” yoga.
Or is this actually the real yoga? Anyway, we have shelves!

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