Battery Racks Built

Jim built these racks/cages, whatever, for the batteries. I think I heard him say he was getting new batteries too. He learned to weld when he was restoring cars, so that came in handy here.

He is working on installing a water filtration system that I’m pretty sure is up and running and free of leaks (at this moment in time…)

JDW update: I always thought it would be great to have a separate tank just for drinking water! Like Sean and Louise.  We drink a lot of water! Sure, we could drink out of the fresh tank (most of the time), but there are going to be situations where the “fresh” water is questionable. So I started doing some research on a solution.

Our first attempt was to install a separate pump and water spigot at the kitchen sink for drinking water. We just bought a few 5 gal. water bottles, stuck a hose in and Voila! we had clean water. I just didn’t like the idea of hauling that extra weight AND the storage space those things use.

So, then I discover the Doulton Ceramic Stearasyl Filter! These ceramic filters not only filter the water, they purify it. You can fill your fresh tank from a lake and run it through this fitler and drink it safely.

So, that’s what I did. Pics soon on a future posting. Stay tuned.

And look for a post soon from Jim (AHEM!) about the successful refurb and install of the Driver’s side AC system. Check!

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