Home Bound as in Not Going Anywhere Soon

And that doesn’t mean we’ve been traveling. It means we aren’t going anywhere until the wheels/brake shoe situation gets resolved. We are getting new wheels shortly anyway.

So why not have a bus on jackstands in your driveway with the giant tires laying alongside on the lawn? Sorry neighbors, but they all love us :). At least all our neighbors know that when Jim starts something he always works till he  finishes it. It just takes longer to finish some things than others. He’s not like the guy whose stalled car restoration has been gathering dust in the garage for ten years (or out on the driveway). We’ve seen plenty of those. In this case, we’re just waiting for our freelance diesel mechanic to carve out some more time for us.

Originally, it was just a leaky seal on the drive axle. So when we finally convinced him to come out and fix it, other issues arose. Removing the drive wheels reveal a broken stud on the radius rod to the rear end. A “DOT violation” as he described it. And even if it wasn’t a DOT nono I would’nt drive it as is. So a leaky axle seal has morphed into a brake shoe replacement/8 new radius rod bushings/radius rod studs repair job. So now we wait. Don’t tell me bus people don’t have a sense of humor.

4/23/12 update: So Dale came back to finish the job and it was amazing!  In one day, we replace the brake shoes on both sides of the drive axle, replaced the bushings on the radius rods on both sides of the drive axle and the bushings on the radius rods up front!  Then we charged the new driver/passenger A/C system.

It was a big day as I had to remove both rear hydraulic levelers (and the PO did not design these things to come off) and then reinstall the levelers. Help Dale as needed and run to the hardware store for, well, hardware.


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