It’s Always Good to Have a Plan

That’s what Jim always says. And we all know what happens to our plans… Well, Friday we had a plan to get refurb wheels and a couple more new tires. Those tags were way old.

As you may recall, ours are totally functional and strong but they are all different colors from white to rust and basically, they look terrible. So Jim set up the wheel and tire guys to show up on Friday and swap out our wheels with nice pretty refurbished steel wheels in silver. We considered (for about 10 seconds) a beautiful set of polished aluminum wheels, but at $300 + each plus the new hardware needed to switch from steel to aluminum we decided that we could buy a lot of diesel for that. Besides, for basically what we would have paid for the new hardware, we got two new tires, 8 refurbed wheels and a spare!  What a deal. The real clincher is that all 8 wheels and tires are the same! Color, age, etc. so we can rotate any combination to any position – not a possibility when you’re running 6 alum and 2 steel inners. Plus, we’ll have a spare!

They were efficient and knew their stuff. By the time I got outside with the camera, they had all the old wheels off and were getting the new ones aired up. That’s when things started to fall apart.

First Jim noticed that their refurb wheels were not all the same, some were two hole and some were five hole (whatever that means!) He had specifically told the salesperson that he wanted them all the same. Then, when the tire guys started looking at them, a couple were heavily pitted from rust and in worse condition than our existing wheels, albeit freshly painted. One of the Jacks (they were both named Jack) pointed out that the lug holes on a couple of the ‘new’ wheels was starting to get rather thin – evidence of a wheel old, used and abused. So, as usual the plan began to come apart. Now what?

We could send them home, make a plan to take the bus to their shop and leave it for TWO WEEKS while they took our old wheels off, sand-blasted them, powder-coat and put them back on the bus. Not a good option:

First of all, if they had the bus for two weeks, what would Jim do with himself? I guess he could move into the bus and work on it while it was there, but of course his shop and all his tools are here.  I knew that wasn’t going to fly.

Second, not all of our wheels were ‘better’ than the refurbs and they were still all different. So, that option was quickly rejected.

So he and the salesman talked again and he promised to have 9 refurbs – all the same – ready to go on Monday. So now the plan is for them to come back on Tuesday get ‘er done.

See what I mean about the pitting? Stay tuned!

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