New Wheels and Tag Tires – Check!

Well, the neighbors didn’t kick us out and now we are back to just having a bus in the driveway, instead of a bus on jackstands with giant tires piled all around.

From this:

While we were waiting for the wheels, Dale, our freelance bus mechanic showed up to help Jim re-install the brake shoes and charge the driver’s side air conditioning. Jim is going to write about that whole process. But it is done!
Two dirty bus men:

Sometimes I think Jim’s clothes are going to spontaneously combust!

On to the wheels!


These guys were great. They called the salesman who screwed up the first order a “maroon” and said they had been installing tires since before he was born.

Much better! Jim said the tags were 13 years old, as opposed to 7, which is what the seller told us. Later he (the seller) said he didn’t know how to read the code… Let’s see, and had supposedly built like a dozen buses?

Next: New house batteries and detailed description of the driver’s side A/C.

One comment on “New Wheels and Tag Tires – Check!

  1. By the time you all get this stuff done you will have to hire a driver , So that the first few days you guys can have a rest, Ha ha , Other wise out standing , So happy for you both,, love Halga

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