Design Realities

Now that the roof is painted white and we have enough paint for the two upper panels, we are thinking of putting on the insulated rubbery paint, then stenciling and painting a design on ourselves, then apply the clear coat. Solution or madness? It could mean the difference between the bus looking like this:

BLEAHH. Not much more exciting than what we have now. Maybe less, if that’s possible.
Or this:

Mexican Dragon Motif. We like Mexico and were born in the Year of the Dragon. Plus we could totally paint this ourselves. Or this:

Variation. I like the redder color better, I think.
Or a more traditional Chinese Dragon:

It’d be nice if we could have a nice generic American dragon. You know how prejudiced some people are about foreigners and we want to be able to stay in the RV parks without being kicked out as riff raff.

What do you think?


2 comments on “Design Realities

  1. You do have a “mentor”……what would Capt. Ted do…..haha…Its looking good…I’m getting ready for a 2+ month trip to the Northwest starting the third week in July…Keep up the GREAT work…Horst

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