Maybe the Biggest Difference…

The door is finished and back on! It never did close right and was kind of mangled along the sealing surface. It was covered with lovely fake cherry veneer with lots of shiny gold trim! There was no insulation and it was noisy and ill fitting.

The tile in the entryway steps was poorly laid and broken. Grout was missing and the gold trim on the edges was not only ugly, but mismatched. And ceramic tile? In the entryway where slippery when wet? Hmmm…

The dash was dark brown, really dark and ugly and everything in it either was cross wired, not wired at all or not working. The driver’s side air conditioning was kaput, or actually, maybe it was never even hooked up. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by that.

Anyway, BEFORE
This was the first time we saw the bus in Tacoma, Washington, very near Mt. Rainier..
Not only does everything work and look so much nicer, it is lightened up, durable and easy to clean. The inside of the door is insulated under the brushed aluminum panel with the same stuff he used behind the bed for insulation from the engine. THAT made a huge diffference back there, noise-wise. The aluminum door frame was all crumpled and bent up so he replaced that too. The door closes like a dream now, just the way it should, swings easily, solid click, tight fit. Anyway, AFTER:

This is probably the most accurate color; the others are on the blue side.
It is nice and neutral.

We love it! Can’t wait to take the bus out and check out the soundproofing aspect.
My husband is awesome!

More photos of the door re-do here.


3 comments on “Maybe the Biggest Difference…

  1. GREAT job Jim…and of course Wendy….You have time to do some “mods” for Ms. Casita???…Don’t think I’m going to have time to stop on the “going up” leg..maybe on the way back…..though you Guys could meet me in western Kansas….haha..take care….Horst

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