Dragon Bus!

Every bus needs a dragon and thanks to my sister Tina, now we have one! He is very cool blue and perfect size. This definitely is the Dragon Bus. He is on his maiden voyage and he is a great addition to the bus. Maybe we should name him Draggin’.

We are in Louisville, Kentucky for the FCA Convention with pretty good  wireless in the parking lot. Trip here was good, and reminded me that the bus definitely raises your metabolism. Driving through St. Louis and Louisville rush hour traffic made me really remember that aspect of the bus. Louisville  was worse than St. Louis, I know STL, but a couple of wrong tight turns in Louisville and the maneuvering involved definitely called for a cocktail after getting parked.

 First night we stopped at Rend Lake, where we have been before in the Falcon. We had a great site there and will definitely go back there since there is a lake, DUH! and bike trails DUH! That might be a really good place to get the kitties acclimated to being in the bus.

Thanks Tien, very thoughtful and appropriate! We love him. and he loves us. Obviously he is as warped as we are. Great addition to The Mighty Dragon Bus.


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