We Did Something!

Finally we got a chance to get the bus out and rolling to see how all Jim’s fixing and improvements over the last several months would perform. He had just finished up with Dale on the driver’s side air conditioning and installed the fans for driver and passenger. And worked a lot on making the generator and inverter “talk” to each other. More on that later. We were ready. On Tuesday, in about 100 degree heat, we headed out.

Our first walkaround revealed that the headlights weren’t working. WHAH? Oh well, we didn’t plan to drive at night anyway. Then, for some reason, the driver fans didn’t work either. We still had the windows and our air conditioners. (Both have since been fixed.) And the temperature was only 100, not 108 as predicted later in the week.

We were headed for Louisville, Kentucky where the Falcon Club of America convention was being held. The organizers assured us, after several months of emailing, that we could bring the bus to the hotel, they would find us a good spot to park it and we could actually stay in it. As opposed to last year’s NAOC convention, where we could bring it but not stay in it. Ahem…

The first night we stayed at Rend Lake in Southern Illinois. We found a good campsite for the bus, quiet, shady and as it turned out, free. There was no ranger in sight at morning nor night.

The next day we headed to Louisville. We had a pretty short and uneventful drive after a leisurely breakfast and coffee in the bus. That day, we ran the front air conditioner and it made a big difference in noise and comfort. The repair on the door has resulted in a much quieter and tighter fitting stairway and entry.

We lucked out on traffic in Louisville and heading into the city we were in the fast lanes direction-wise.  Then came a metabolism raising, sweltering, alert-heightening missed exit and a GPS controlled direction back to course with tight turns on narrow city streets parked on both sides with cars!  The honking! The slowness! FUN!

I had driven through St. Louis earlier in the day and that was a piece of cake. Of course, I know St. Louis very well, even years after living there. Louisville, not so much, and it just happened to be my turn to drive again. We made it back to the hotel; we were only about a mile away. They really did have a good spot for the bus, shady even, so we got ‘er parked, put the awnings and chairs out and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy the celebratory beer that ends each journey.

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