Test Night with the Kitties

The cats have been in the bus, of course. Before we started keeping them indoors, thanks to Astrid and her million dollar vet bill last fall, they were in and out of it all the time. Tikita knew we had Pounce there and was relentless in screaming at top of her voice begging for some constantly. Astrid knew about the Pounce too. Carmella just wanted to know what was going on and who was going to pay attention to her next. Because she needs it!

So in early July, we spent the night in the bus with them in the driveway. They all talked alot at first and investigated around a bit. We showed them the litter box at the bottom of the pantry that Jim built and they all used it at one time or another.  We didn’t start the engine or anything.

At one point, and I don’t have a photo, because, I don’t know. The cocktails were strong? All three of them were forward of the driver’s seat, heading toward the door and – ahem – talking to us. Like they were on point and “I KNOW this is the door. Opens it pleeze.”” They finally settled down and the plus side was that Astrid was more of a needy lap kitty than ever.

This was Tikita’s spot of choice:


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