Birthday Week Cruise

We couldn’t really figure out if we wanted to take the bus out to Rend Lake or somewhere for a week or so to celebrate my birthday so Jim came up with a good alernative plan.

We are leaving Tuesday for Smithville Lake where we have reservations for dinner on Wednesday evening at Justus Drugstore, a local farm to table restaurant with a worldwide reputation. Been wanting to go there forever. We’re celebrating both of our Dragon year birthdays and we will probably spend like we are celebrating for several.

So it will be a short but fun trip out and back. May take a kitty. Took a few photos of the bus while getting it ready to go.


After our last trip, we discovered that the under cabinet lighting is great to read by at night, but with it on only one side of the bus, only one person could read feet up. So what did we do? Jim installed lighting in the slide too! This will be our first test of that on the road.
Still need to put the two other chairs in the slide too! But see the lighting in the slide? Cool huh?

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