And So It Goes…

You know how it is. You decide to do something and then, OH! It takes a lot longer than you thought it would. And with a bus, it is always bigger and harder and even more long lasting than you thought it would be. At least these days it seems like that.

Jim went his usual gung ho self and prepped the surface and caulked all the seams. Then he put on the primer and he said as soon as he did that he realized he made a huge mistake. He used silicone caulk instead of acrylic and the paint not only did not stick to the caulk, the effect traveled a ways and affected adjacent, already primed areas. OOPS!

SO… He had to scrape off all the caulk (you know he wouldn’t just leave it, knowing it wasn’t right). Then he bought a(nother)  tool and electric grinded off all the nearby peeling areas and THEN started to re-caulk and re-prime. He is now about one side done in primer and he is at least hoping to have the primer done on the whole bus by the time we go to Escapees next week.

So. WHEW! Big Job.

Passenger side prepped. Not sure if (ill fated) caulk is on at this point.

This is the point when he realized that OOPS effed up.

The scraping and re-prep area… We thought the bus was ugly before…

Anyway, now, as of tonight, he has all the caulk on the whole bus, and primer  applied on passenger side.

So then we started continued thinking…


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