Fall Escapade

Fall is in the air and we are in Sedalia at Escapade, a 10 day long instant education and information and shopping opportunity for RVs. The weather is chilly but crisp and we are glad we brought our bikes to zoom around the State Fairgrounds in between various seminars, meals and social hours.

We got here Thursday and Boot Camp was just that. Up early for classes and demonstrations, lots of stuff to absorb. The tire safety and fire safety seminars were really good. Scary somewhat, but good. We are having the bus weighed Friday before we leave. That should be interesting, we have never done that-yet. I went to an electrical seminar that really helped me understand the electrical system more. Now I know the difference between amps and volts! Good for me.

We have met lots of nice people; everybody is friendly and helpful. Heading off to another seminar soon called Woulda Coulda Shoulda. Hope that will help us avoid some mistakes. We make enough already!


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