The Paint Update

This photo also includes the wheelcovers we had made.

I meant to update this before we left home, but you know how it is…

We got to Escapade before we even had a chance to post the painting update and also the cleaning. Once Jim finished the painting, the remaining ugly brown part of the bus was not only ugly brown but um, well, really dirty. Streaky, yuck. So if we think we might not get admitted to a campground because of a dragon that doesn’t exist yet – what about arriving in a clean bus?

My good friend, Shirley, is a Shaklee rep and she recommended on the phone that I clean the bus with Basic H, which is an   awesome product.  I hadn’t really thought about it much, but the night before we left, I came home and washed the bottom two thirds of the bus with Basic H in like an hour. It was amazing. Of course, I already know that the stuff is awesome and I use it on everything, but I was really impressed with this process.

BEFORE: The white paint streaks and residue:


    Yeah, we know it is still ugly brown, but it is clean.

Thanks, Shirley and Shaklee.

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