I Won Something!

I have notorious not so good luck. Not bad luck at all, because all is well totally awesome in my life, but you know what I mean. I have a friend who every time she buys a lottery ticket, she wins. Like $500. That is so not me. All the years of car shows, I have maybe won a cooler. Or a pair of gloves. Or a pen. So…

Anyway, at Escapade, one of the seminars we went to was WiFi Ranger and after seeing that and talking some, we basically decided that we do not need an expensive and cumbersome satellite system for internet connectivity on the road. We decided to go with a hotspot WiFi system instead of a used ($3000) or new ($6000) satellite system. We didn’t buy anything, just solidified our position.

Well, all those years of not winning anything paid off tonight. I won a WiFi Ranger Mobile Hotspot router, cable and installation hardware! MSRP: $300. That offsets some of the hundreds of dollars we spent on fire extinguishers.



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