Dragons We Like

Here are some dragon designs we like as a starting point. Comments too.

UPDATE: Our personal KC Graffiti fact finding tour.

In no particular order:

Something like this was what we were thinking when we were just going to have a stencil made and paint it one color ourselves. Then the idea of blended color within the “stencil” came up and a graffiti artist to do it seemed perfect. 

I love the fierceness here. Too much detail?

Same with this one but still love it. A little cartoony…

Still one of my faves. It’s horizontal, has feet, flames, horns, but simple.

Like the stylized simplicity here. Beefed up with blended color?

Vertical format not good, but this is a great dragon.

This is a good example of the level of simplicity and color blending that we think would work within all our parameters, not being a cop magnet (HA!), not getting denied admittance to campgrounds (where we hardly stay anyway, but sometimes you have to).

A little too stylized, every curve the same, but good flames and feet.

Not sure about winged dragon, but will consider any good ideas. This dragon has a good tail, feet and head. Simple yet powerful. Liking this one quite a bit, but it’s vertical format would have to be adapted. I like the way he’s standing on his own tail.

Vertical but like the tribal simplicity and fierceness level. Could be a little simpler even.

Like the forked tail, flames and outline design.

Kind of unreadably busy and too hunched up but like the flames, feet tongue and tail.

So, using these as a sort-of starting popint to show what we’re thinking, go for it!

4 comments on “Dragons We Like

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  2. hi wen following all this – exciting – like watching the mural process at the Center for 2 mos. DONE

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one it is bold but not punk and the hanging things say CELEBRATION all the time

    some of the others look like tatoo folks are driving – not fun loving best time of our live stuff

    more later – love the posts – good luck – scary right ? GRAFFETTI are good are you afraid to send the bus to a studio ? mural artist had to be in studio and at the wall to design, grid, stencil with computer etc Tien

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