More Dragon Thoughts

See related Dragon Posts below. Some things not repeated here, like Can’t Be a Cop Magnet, under the radar campground OK.

Some more thoughts about the dragon design.

We want to go with more of the Chinese eastern philosophy style dragon. Fierce, benevolent, protector and guardian during our travels. Not a child eating, town leveling Western style dragon.

We want a distinct outline filled with blended color. This evolved from being a do it ourselves, one color project to having some graffiti style dimension and color. We’re pretty invested in the evolution of the design and have done a lot of looking around on the Internet research. Having said that, we are open to any ideas and improvements from the wall artist viewpoint encompassing our guidelines. I believe in listening closely to the experts.

We want the dragon to be fierce, strong, proud, a stand-your-ground type. More stylized, not cartoony or humanized, but not scary weird either. With formidable feet/claws, flames (mouth, head?) and tail. Wings considered. If tentacles (?) are incorporated, they should be more feathery looking and sort of breezy, rather than like a muscle or a snake. We want to incorporate elements from different dragons that we like into ours. Hopefully this will save a lot of time on the design end. See Dragons We Like and notes about each. Swiss graffiti here. Love the way the Swiss blend the colors!

Naturally, we want to meet beforehand and talk about our and your ideas. I think it’s important to see the bus in person. Does that make sense? If you poke around on our websites, you can get a better feel for who we are and translate that into a good design for us. We want someone who is curious and invested. This is a big deal for us and we want to do it right.

We want to sign off on a design before work begins. DUH! And as a designer, I know things can change in execution. If the OKed design has 27 teeth and the final has 25, that’s cool. If the OKed design teeth are large and curved it is not cool if the final teeth are small and straight. Just like any other commission.

The bus will be painted in our driveway. There is plenty of room to get to both sides. The design should cover only the painted areas of the bus, not windows or trim. The design has to all be below the roof drip line because the roof has already been clear coated. Can extend into the wheel wells and bay doors. Also open to suggestions for the front and back. I think we want the website address on there somewhere too.

Painting should all be done in a continuous time frame. Work on it till done. Clear coat has to go over it while weather still decent.

One new thing: After our KC Graffiti Tour this weekend, we thought, Why not have a different design on each side? We really liked Stormy’s Koi and that got us thinking. So a Koi on one side, dragon on the other? Koi or Jaguars are another personal favorite of ours.

Questions? Anything I’m forgetting? Let us know.

We are committed and ready to move forward. Let’s Rock and Roll!


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