As long as the weather cooperates, the painting (Jim’s part anyway) is almost done. Yesterday it rained and washed off some of the side paint so he had to clean the paint off the driveway AND repaint. Today it looks like it is going to rain but the trusty Gridpoint Forecast says no. So he is finishing up the grey on the front and back.
Dragon Here We Come!

Prep and sanding on lower third.

Primer on

Two coats finish paint on

This grey color will be on the back, bumpers and louvered doors and on front bumper . This grey will be a good background for koi and dragon to be on, knocking down a lot of the starkness of the white, on the sides at least.

Paint Progress


One comment on “Paint Progress

  1. wow great lookiing , Went to Branson again , fall volors pretty and saw alot of big buses and everything else on the road , , Lots of fun , Haus doing well and what little I do , He can walk on a lease and do the other stuff on his lease, So smart , Love Halga

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