Generator Project Continues

Jim has been working on the generator and the compartment it goes in. He had to put a new head on the generator and attached a squirrel cage fan, plywood base and louvered openings for air flow.

Yesterday we loaded the generator in the pickup and took it and the bus to Louisburg to have it put back in. This was the first time the bus had been out on the road since it was painted and it was fun to see people’s reactions! One girl at a stoplight practically swiveled her head all the way around when Jim turned in front of her. The guys at the forklift place liked it too, especially that it is different on each side.

OOPS! Even with all his careful measurements, the generator did not fit back into the compartment by an inch! Damn! We brought it back and he is adapting it so it will. Just didn’t measure and the fan overhung the plywood by just an inch. As the forklift operator said, “Just a minor setback.” And good thing we weren’t out on the road somewhere while this project needed to be done. He’s already got it moved over and it will be tight but it will fit. You can bet he will measure everything before we go back to the forklift place!

I predict it will be back in and hooked up this week. I hope so because this is wearing him out.

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