Prepare For Blastoff

Countdown to Arcadia! Scrambling to get everything ready; you know how it is! Plus we are bringing all the cats and trying to get their stuff ready and get them used to their new carriers – catnip and treats seem to be working so far. We also have several doses of Kitty Valium to ease things up. And catnip. We may need some people valium too.

The night we spent with all three of them in the bus in the driveway was, um, very vocal, shall we say? We hope in a couple of days they will get used to the engine noise, new space, etc and we can all have a fine time.

We actually picked a pretty good time to leave since it is supposed to start snowing and raining. We need it, but it will be good to get south.

We’ll keep you posted. Follow along!


3 comments on “Prepare For Blastoff

  1. Hooray!!!!…can’t wait to read about your upcoming adventures…..if the “Kitty Valium” doesn’t work on the kittens….just take it yourselves…they will still be rowdy…but you won’t care anymore..haha…Have a Terrific Christmas and may the coming year your best ever…Horst

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