Raining? It DoesThis?

We are in Fort Smith, Arkansas after after an eventful/uneventful day. Events = loading all the rest of the stuff that we just had to have in the bus plus the kitties (and all their stuff, carriers, toys, catnip, harnesses, treats, food, litter, etc.. Happy to say we all survived the first day out with minimal kitty re-purr-cussions. Is that even a word?

Once we got settled in Fort Smith with all systems deployed and systems working, we released the kitties and employed our cocktails, something really unusual happened! It started raining! Who knew it even did this any more?

So nice to have our secure shelter, kitties relaxed and raining! What more could anyone ask? Just hope it’s raining at home!


6 comments on “Raining? It DoesThis?

  1. Mighty Bus Doctor Who??? Something is strange here…my clock here says 9:15 AM, December 20, 2012, but the kitty/human posting I just sent says December 20, 2012 @ 3:14 PM. What’s with the six hours’ difference? Are dragons and koi fish able to transport kitties and humans through time? Is the Mighty Bus the TARDIS in disguise?

  2. Have a wonderful trip. I hear there may be a visit to the new home of the Reef Lizzard! Wish I could be there, but will be on a cold and windy Cape Cod.

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